My Front Around My Belly Butthe N And Lower Back Right Hand Side Im In Addition Getting Random Pain Around My Sthe Mach And Uterus Area And Left Side Of Backalsoi Thought It Was The Mirena And Got It Out Here’s Some Small Amount Of Backgroundin Aug I Was Admitted The A+E With Severe Abdominal Pain An Ultrasound Showed Fluid Around My Appendix I Was Hooked Up On Antibotics For Weeks Until They Deicded The Do A Laparoscopy They Looked For Adhesions And Removed Them They Said That Fluid Would Of Dispersed With The Antibiotics I Had Alot Of Pain Afterwards But Put It Down The Healing Painsince Hereafter Ive Been Having The Pain Like I Stated Above My Docthe Rs Have Done Urine Blood Swabs And Have All Come Back Clear I Got The Mirena Coil Out Dec St As I Felt This Could Of Been A Contributing Facthe R On Taking It Out The Nurse Said Their Was Alot Of Murky Fluid Around It That Came Out With Iti Felt Relieve Afterwards For A Couple Of Weeks But A Week On I Usually Can Feel The Intensity Of The Pain Increasing I Do Not Have An Appointment With Gynaecolgist Until March With Another Ultrasound Which Could Be Longer Againi Have The Option Of Paying The See A Gynae Sooner But I Should Not Be Able The Get Any Procedures Done As They Cost Alot Of Money When Going Privateif You Have Any Feedback Id Be Delighted The Hear From You I Have A Pain Down My Front Side

Symptoms Of Blood Clot In Leg

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